1. How soon in advance should I book my photographer?
- I always tell my clients to book once your wedding day is chosen and the venue is booked.
2. Do you require a deposit?
- Yes... I require retainer of $500 to reserve your date. I cannot hold your date until agreement is signed, and deposit is received.
3. Do you shoot video?
- No, but I can recommend some awesome cinematographers
4. Do you deliver every single image you shoot?
- No, I do not. I remove blinks, duplicate images, test shots, bad expressions, out of focus shots, or another other image that may dilute the final product.
5. Do you edit my photos?
- Yes, you receive edited photos. We do basic color correction which includes proper white balance, exposure, etc. We also include some B & W's and a few creative edits.
6. I have seen your work and love it. How do I book you?
- You can reserve me as your photographer in a number of ways.
a. We can meet in person and we can talk about your upcoming wedding? You can reserve me as your photographer on the spot.
b. I understand your busy schedule, or you may live out of state and it may not be convenient to meet. If this is the case, just email me your home mailing address,number of hours, wedding date & approximate time,and ceremony & reception location. I will then send you a proposal and you can electronically sign the wedding agreement and make your deposit on our secure site. This is quite common for me ;o)
7. Are you insured?
- I carry the necessary Liability coverage that some venues may require. Although this is not every venue, some require that your photographer shows proof of coverage.
8. Do you have backup equipment?
- Of course. Things happen and you must be prepared. That's why I always have multiple cameras, flashes, memory cards, and lenses. So when you see me on wedding day and you think I am moving in... Well I am only staying for the day, as that is my gear packed in those bags.
9. Which brand of camera do you shoot with?
- I shoot with high quality digital Nikon SLR's. Although Canon, Sony, Pentax makes great equipment... I started my investment with Nikon and I am super happy with the results.
10. My Fiancee is a little uncomfortable in front of the camera... Will you help pose us?
- My number one goal on your wedding day is to make you comfortable. Although I try my best to have my clients get into a "Moment" and avoid the typical pose, I will give plenty of direction during your portrait session or wedding day. I have actually been told by bridal party members. "My friends very shy, and you were awesome getting them to show their personality" This was one of the best compliments I have ever had.
11. Do you offer payment plans?
- Yes... Any wedding package may be reserved with a retainer of $500.00 We can setup an easy payment plan as well.